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What’s going on…Update time!

Hey everyone, Buddy-Girl here to update you on what’s been going on here at Buddy-Girl Greetings. We are still in stay-at-home mode here like most of you (thank you pandemic). I miss Sir Dave (my trusty assistant), but I’m doing tons of stuff behind-the-scenes.

First, if you haven’t been exploring then you are missing out on all the updated and new pages. The shopping section is being added to almost every day, currently you can find cards, art prints, jewelry, magnets, and bookmarks with more to come. The design service page has been updated with rates and list of services, I will be adding a form for project submitting in the coming weeks, until then if you have a project for us just email us directly with the details to

Second, we are in our 5th week of videos for Cooking, Lookin’ with Kisha "Rough Cut" editions, I’m still learning; but you can definitely see my growth and comfort with being on and behind the camera. I’m feeling so confident that I will be upgrading from using my camera phone with produces lighten issues I can’t seem to fix to using the very expensive camera I originally bought to film the show.

I’ve also started adding actually recipes from the show to the “Recipe Post” section of the Cooking, Lookin’ tab. So, you can now watch me cook and then try to make it at home with actual instructions. Growth, right!

This weeks video is of me making Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips and Apple Chucks, watch the video Below and get the recipe here.

Also, check out outtakes and deleted scenes from my “Low-Carb Flatbread video below and you can get the recipe here.

I’m going to be honest, doing all this has been a lot of work and if I wasn’t at home all the time, I don’t know if I would have energy to do all this.

I hope I will, I hope that once things get back to normal, I have my assistant, and most of the this groundwork is laid, the workload will be cut in-half. I love thought, I get so excited posting new content and just getting my dream out there.

But I do need your help, if you like what I’m doing, if you want more, if you just want to see me succeed, please don’t be shy, send love, send feedback, like, comment, share, shop Buddy-Girl. I’m not going to lie I need the praise; I need more encouragement; I need to know that people are watching and want more to keep me going.

It sounds silly, but I get why people are always saying that stuff now. Likes, subscriptions, sharing (especially) really helps not only build a much needed following but lets me know people want to follow. I told myself I will give Cooking, Lookin’ a year, if I don’t seen any real growth and if I can’t fund the show throw Buddy-Girl Greetings, doing it longer won’t be that phisable. So, yeah all the love and support you can give would be great.

Outside of that, Buddy-Girl is doing okay, creatively I’m doing super awesome right now, home life is always hard to balance especially with a teenager at home, but we’re making it!

Be sure to like and subscribe, laters and you can always hit me back with questions and things you’ve been cooking, Kisha Helena

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