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Looks Like We’ve Made It!

Updated: May 28, 2020

I know, I know, I know…I’ve said this before, but I finally mean it! Cooking, Lookin’ with Kisha is finally ready! Not almost there, not another setback, not me saying I’m gonna! I’m saying for reals, for reals I will be uploading fresh new actual me cooking content this week and for the coming weeks.

The footage has been shot, it’s been edited, it’s even saved, all I have to do it upload it and I will.

I’m so excited, 2-years of my life and numerous setbacks and I now actually have something longer than 30-seconds to show.

Now, I got to be honest because the “pandemic” the quality of the show isn’t what I envisioned, not fancy in anyway. But I don’t have Dave, I’m still working full-time, and it’s just easier to shoot with my phone. The camera work is real shoty too.

I don’t know what I’m doing, which is why I’m calling these videos my “Rough Cut” editions.

Because, they are rough, I look rough, hair and makeup not always done, it’s a different day, but I have on the same outfit, the angles are rough. My first video doesn’t even show the food cooking. This has been a serious learning experience for me. But lucky for you and me, you can actually see my growth as you watch each video.

I’m calling this a “soft” launch, because it’s not exactly what I wanted but I at least got something done. I just uploaded “Take 2 | Cooking, Lookin Test Clips” more footage from our test shoot. Basically 3 mins of me messing up and being me. We have 2 more videos edited and ready to roll out over the next couple of weeks. I have 2 videos queued up for editing, and 3 videos ideas ready to be shot. Plus, I’m almost finished with “What is a Casual Vegetarian” animation, I just need to do the voiceover work.

So, yeah, look for the notice in your inbox and/or make sure you have subscribed to our Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram accounts so you don’t miss the notification for my latest videos. Also visit and show your support by shopping our site, I’ve added a few more products and updated most of the pages.

Well, that’s all the updates I have for now, please stay safe and healthy. Laters and you can always hit me back with questions and things you’ve been cooking, Kisha Helena #cookinglookin #kishabaggs #cookingshow #pandemic #updates #nevergiveup #kitsap #kishahelena #buddygirlgreetings



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