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About the Artist

Who Creates the Cards, Prints, Jewelry and More...

Born Kisha Helena Baggs (I use Helena as my artist name), I enjoy art and I love computers even though I didn’t own one until I was 13. In High School I decided to pursue art as a career, graphic design, to be precise after taking computer application and visual communication.

While attending Olympic College in Bremerton, I majored in Art and Multimedia (which later became Digital Arts); I started Buddy-Man Arts a part-time freelance graphic design service, creating logos, flyers, presentations and more for people all around the world.

In 2003 I accepted a job as a publisher assistant at The Arts & Crafts Press. I learned a great deal about business and the publishing of note cards and books. I was inspired and encouraged by the owners Bruce Smith and Yoshiko Yamamoto to start her own greeting card line and thus, Buddy-Girl Greeting was born.

Using techniques I have learned from may past job experiences, schooling, and all the inspiration I get from everyday life, to create original designs.

Some of My favorite artists are: Margaret KeaneSalvador DaliHayao MiyazakiVincent Van Gogh and Yoshiko Yamamoto.

More About Buddy-Girl Greetings...

Buddy-Girl Greetings was launched in November 2005, in Bremerton, WA, as a way for me (Kisha Helena Baggs) to sell my art and greeting cards on-the-side. Working out of my tiny apartment in downtown Bremerton, I built a website and came up with 20 cards as part of my first collection. By summer 2006 I had expanded my product line to include bookmarks and a calendar dedicated to landscapes and landmarks of Kitsap County.

In 2013, graphic design and photography services were added, in 2019 we launched “Cooking, Lookin’ with Kisha” on Instagram. And in 2020 we uploaded our first full video to our Youtube channel.

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