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We're Doing It!

Gonna try to keep this update short. First off shout out to everyone that took the time to watch my first full video for Cooking, Lookin' if you missed it check it out here

Second, some Buddy-Girl Greetings news! I've put some more products up on the Shop page and for the first time I have jewelry options for purchase with more to come in the next few weeks. I will also finally be putting a list of services and our new design service rates up on the Design page soon. So if you need logo or branding services you know the cost and how to reach us.

Lastly, I have new video up in our New Rough Cut Edition Series (Lunchtime with Kisha). Like the series title suggest and I have mentioned before these are videos of me cooking lunch for myself during the "stay at home" order using my phone.

It's also been a good opportunity for me to fail, learn, and understand how filming and editing is done and how to make it better.

It's not fancy and I'm just making ramen, but it's entertaining and I promise you they get better as I go along. So, please take this journey with me and watch me helpfully because a "beautiful butterfly" someday with your support and feedback.

Be sure to like and subscribe, laters and you can always hit me back with questions and things you’ve been cooking, Kisha Helena


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