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What Can I Say???

Hey All,

*embarrassed* It’s been so long since my last update; I’m actually super embarrassed. I have the usual gambit of excuses, but it really comes down to me not being motivated enough to work on stuff. I mainly mean when it comes to “Cooking, Lookin’ with Kisha” Stuff.

I’ve been hard at work on Buddy-Girl stuff in general. I started an Instagram Account, I had some freelance design project come in, I’ve been updating the website, I experimented with some marketing tactics, I pushed myself to get the 14th Annual Scenes of Kitsap Wall Calendar (Seriously this almost didn’t happen) and I even had some product orders to fulfill. So, I haven’t been doing nothings all this time, just no “Cooking, Lookin’" outside updating the Instagram for it.

I think part of the reason is that, I haven’t been getting a lot of feedback from it, so I figure no one is really missing it, so why should I add to my workload. Probably not the best train of thought if I want it to become successful, but I’m being honest. Like I said before, I now get why people be pushing for likes and subscribers, how else can you tell if people want to see more of your work?

I really don’t want to “that” person, but I am, though the rational me is like, “Kisha it takes time”.

I know my content isn’t the best, it’s not the show I envision by any means, but with the pandemic and just how my life is, it’s the best I can do. I’m proud of the work I’ve done and I’m even prouder of how much I’ve learnt. But motivation is a bitch and I just need more to push me to really do my best and to get through my workload.

There also been a few other things keeping me busy, one of which I hope to be able to share soon. But also, some family drama, family obligations, and just being a parent to a teenager. My days have been filled with work, doctor (routine) and dental visits, helping family, cooking, cleaning, and now that school is back in part-time teacher.

I going to do a vlog post soon, fully explaining what all I have been up to. I’ve also set a goal for myself, that I will have a “Cooking, Lookin’” video posted by next Thursday Oct 1. It might be one of me actually cooking, a reaction, or something, anything. That’s my goal and I’m sticking to it!

Anyways, I just want to update you guys and to put stuff out in the universe. If you haven’t got one please click here your Kitsap Wall Calendar, September is almost over so I know you will need one soon. And, be sure to check out the newly added cards and postcards to the store.


Kisha Helena


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