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We’ve Hit a Snag!!! Delays!

Out of Service - Kitchen
Production for Cooking, Lookin' with Kisha has been delay.

*deed sigh* So, as you know we have been working hard trying to get my mom’s kitchen camera ready.

Well we have had a snafu…

and it’s going to delay the film date for the show. My mom’s kitchen sink has sprung a leak. We hoped it would be a quick fix; but alas, it’s worse than we thought and it it’s going to take up two weeks before the sink can even be started on. *sad face*

Cooking, Lookin’ is still the plan and though we aren’t loving the delay, we will still be working on the other parts of the kitchen. It’s just that without running water in it, we can’t be cooking with Kisha. Heck my mom, can’t do much cooking either. Keep your fingers crossed for a speedy fix and of course I will keep you guys update.

Laters, Kisha.


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