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Updates, Updates, Updates….

Okay, so we at Buddy-Girl Greetings are hard at work behind the scenes, working on projects and just everyday life. About a year ago, I got the brilliant idea to start a YouTube channeled, inspired by my favorite YouTube creators like Yolanda Gamp of How to Cake It! (I love you, watch every Tuesday), Tasty, and Man About Cakes.

I’ve been feeling like Buddy-Girl Greetings needed a change, I’ve grown tired of doing graphic design work all day at my full-time gig (though I love my job) and then going home to, just do more of the same. I even stopped making my personal artwork because it felt too much like work. I found myself watching more and more Youtube on cooking and food, which in turned made me want to cook and bake.

I have always enjoyed cooking and my friends, family, co-workers, and even my neighbors enjoy my cooking; it has turned into a way for me to be creative without feeling like I’m doing work.

So, I decided to do a cooking show, but what I didn’t realize is all the work, money, and things I would need to make a show come to life. I don’t have the funding to be all high studio quality as “How to Cake It!” or “Man About Cakes”, but I don’t want it feeling like someone filming on her phone in her kitchen, either. I want something like “The Scran Line”, “Binging with Babish”, or"Food Wishes" which have a “welcome to my home” vibe.

Having that goal meant, I needed to put in a lot of more thought, get more help, and a nicer-looking kitchen. Lucky for me my family and friends all think I'm super awesome *smug mode* and are so supportive. My Mom is letting me stage and use her kitchen, my brother agreed to be my cameraman and editor, my assistant has been upgraded to producer and I have spent a lot money (a lot) trying to get the show off the ground.

So, yeah that’s what we have mainly been working on, getting “Cooking, Lookin’” (that's the name) off the ground. The Instagram and Facebook pages are up (be sure to like and follow). I’m currently (very slowly) updating the website, I have opened a Patreon account, so if you want to help support us (we need to make money to make it sustainable) please do. You can also signup to get all updates below.

My goal is to give it a year and see what happens.

I have a “first” film date of the end of March and hope to upload the first cooking video by end of April/Early May. I feel like 2019 is gonna be a very interesting year and hope you will join us on this journey. *fingers crossed*


Kisha Helena Buddy-Girl Greetings.

P.S. I'm still doing design work, so none of my current clients need to worry about their graphic designer going away anytime soon.


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