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*big sigh* I’m so tired guys...

Okay, things have been crazy and sadly not because of “Cooking, Lookin’”; but hey that life. We’re gonna keep on trucking and power through.

My life is going to be pretty different for me as my 16-year old niece will be living with me full-time for now on. *a big mix of worry and relief* I won’t go into details of the why just that,

"family can be tough, but you always gotta do what’s best."

I'm trying not to let all these changes derail or delay “Cooking, Lookin’ with Kisha”, but I have to admit my head is all over the place and drive to do anything is going downhill. This is a lot for me, for all of us. I'm currently stressing about who do I talk to about adding her to my insurance, if I even have to, is it too soon, why is she wearing my house shoes, how much is this gonna cost me, don't leave the shower curtain like that, what's going on at school. Uggh, she's eating all my food?

*totally lost focus, I'm back* Still, I want to do the show, I need to do the show. The one thing I have realize throughout the last few weeks is that,

"cooking and food is very threptic for me, it’s freeing, it’s relaxes me, it gives me control over something, and it takes my mind off other things. I just love doing it."

So, upward and onward. I’m current cleaning (scrapping) the near 20-year build of grease, dust, and dirt from the top of my mom’s cabinets. Super fun *sarcasm*. I figure, I should have them all done in 2 more sessions.

We are picking up paint this weekend, hopefully we will be painting by next week or the week after, then it’s on to test filming and setting up. Yay! *almost peed a little*

Oh, I almost forget, I just discovered NFC or Near Field Communication codes, where you can program a small chip with info like say a, web link and people can just tap the chip with their phones and it will automatically load/send your phone to the encoded link.

I’m getting business cards and magnets made up so that I can give them to people, and they can visit/hopefully subscribe to my YouTube channel right then and there without typing or anything. How cool is that!

Laters, Kisha Out.


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