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*Big Sigh* Life...Man!

Low-Carb Blueberry Pie
Blueberry Pie with an Almond Flour Crust

Okay, so it's been a really long time and I bet most people think this "Cooking, Lookin" thang is never going to happen and honestly, I've been thinking that too. Life is crazy and so much happens and it happens fast, all you can do is just try to keep up and hold on to your goals and dreams.

It's been over a year since I decided to do "Cooking, Lookin", I really thought I would be further along than I am by now.

So much has happened this year and most of it has created setback after setback.

As you know the first setback of making this show real was upgrading my mom's kitchen and I only had the weekends to work on it, so it wasn't going to be an overnight makeover. By April we were making strides, but then my mom's sink broke, no cooking, no water, no cleaning, no painting.

It took about a month to get the sink back in working order had to call in a favor with a friend (thanks #1 White Dad!).

Around the time of sinkgate, I took in my 16-year old niece, that was very messy and trying experience that basically blow up my family and completely changed my life, it's for the best, but headstrong teenage girls aren't always fun and we both have had some major adjusting to do and we still are.

Navigating being a new found parent, work, upgrading a kitchen, running Buddy-Girl Greetings, has been really hard and I didn't always feel like doing everything or any of it. My mental health took a beating and my physical health was starting to get worse too. So June/July I went to the docs about a persistent cough that was keeping me up all night, I couldn't seem to do anything without coughing. I thought maybe it was like lung/throat cancer or something. But nope turns out I just have Acid Reflux apparently some people don't have burning chest as a symptom, a dry cough and hollow feeling can be symptoms too.

Honestly, finding out it was Acid Reflux hurt my heart a bit, my doc started saying stuff like "a change in diet" and "less carbs" were in order.

She also gave me pills and just as there was a big announcement in health news about over-the-counter and doctor prescribed Acid reducer pills being very bad for you long-term and shouldn't be taken more than 14-days in a row.

So, I was looking at taking a pill everyday that will kill my liver or do what I can to reduce my weight and eat less carbs, acidic foods, chocolate (yup even chocolate had to be reduced). On top of that dairy and I were starting to have a stranded relationship and let us not forget that I'm a "causal vegetarian" my diet is already limited. I had to start modifying all my favorite tried and true recipes.

How am I going start a cooking show and cook foods I wasn't supposed to be eating?

I spent the summer lowering my carb intake and making low to dairy free options and somehow still love it. It's been hard, but I have made some pretty good changes and swope outs, where I'm not disappointed or feel like something is missing. Still it's been a setback this holiday season will be a big test for me. On the upside, I have lost 10lbs.

By September I thought things were going start settling down and I would be in a better grove, Blackberry Fest was over and my niece will be back in school. Do you have any idea how much paperwork parents have to read and sign at the start of the school year? And why does she have to stay after school for anything! I hate picking her up at night. *ugggh*

Then October 4th, I get a letter from my landlord of over 8-years and he wants me out by 10/31/2019, apparently he wants to remodel my unit, it's old and needs it, but still, the rent was cheap and I wasn't expecting to have to find a new home in less than 30 days.

So, yeah that happened, moving isn't fun. But my friends and family helped and I got thought it. But that has meant yet another setback for "Cooking, Lookin". Who has time to start a cooking show and finish her mom's kitchen when she is trying to find a nice place that will house my niece, my business, my dog, and me and still keep me close to work and the rest of my family? With all the expansive for the show, my niece moving in (kids need stuff), Blackberry Fest, and car maintenance. My savings aren't much to speak of.

So to not go mentally insane I had decided to forgo my dream of owning a house anytime soon. I also needed a place with more than 1 bathroom (sharing with a teen with boundary issues gets old), sharing anything with anyone after living alone for so long will take a lot out of anyone. Also, the cost of rent is just crazy pant these days. But I did it, I found a new place in less than a week and I do love the place, it cost an arm and leg and the walls are paper thin, but it has an awesome kitchen (good enough to film a cooking show), a great view, enough rooms, my own bathroom (I don't have to share) and I didn't have to pay a pet deposit.

So, we are slowly get back on track, most of the new apartment is setup, just have to setup the office. I can shoot the show from my new very cooking show friendly kitchen. Which does mean all the money I put into my mom's kitchen won't be seen by the world and hurts my bank account's heart.

But hopefully I can start filming soon 2020?! *Fingers Crossed*

Laters, Kisha Helena

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Larry Reber
Larry Reber

Hang in there girl, it's going to work out! Probably need to try some of those recipes, could stand to lose a few. ;) lol

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