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Busy Weekend...

Kisha Helena | Cooking, Lookin'
Screenshot | Me reacting to stock music; I picked out last year. Full Video coming this week!

The "Behind-the-Scenes" footage is almost done and I will be uploading clips to our

Youtube Channel, Facebook, and Instagram THIS WEEK! The few that have gotten early screening, all say, "it's really funny!"

*smug mode* "They laughed out loud, just saying." *smirk*

So, be sure to subscribe and follow so you don't miss anything.

In other news: *deep sigh of relief* All the wallpaper has finally been removed. We are now on to spackling. We also, went to Lowes and picked out paint (it's my mom's kitchen, so she picked the color).

Lastly, I sent in my Bremerton Blackberry Festival paperwork. So, look for the Buddy-Girl Greetings booth this Labor Day Weekend, September 2019!

Well, that's it for now. Laters, Kisha out

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